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You’re probably here because you heard about the Empowerment Studio community — either from a friend, or from attending an in-person event at the Empowerment Studio in Kansas City, MO, or from somewhere online (maybe you’ve seen one of Kinzie’s TikToks? or a post someone from the Empowerment Team wrote on Instagram?). 

Either way, we’re glad you’re here and we’d love to welcome you to come hang out with us more! 

Find all about the Empowerment Studio (including why we offer this space up as a free OR paid membership) over here: 

(This particular website is the page where folks can join our community via a monthly financial contribution to support the work we do here in the Empowerment Studio! But you can also join FOR FREE if you wanna, we are big believers in accessibility here!)

Deep, deep gratitude

If you're here because you're about to sign up for a monthly paid membership:

WOW. Thank you. Thank you for choosing to support the Empowerment Studio with your dollars!

Your monthly contribution to the Empowerment Studio helps keep things running; we are so grateful. The need for sustainability is real, and you're helping make that happen!

We're so excited to welcome the most amazing, kind humans into the Empowerment Studio with us. We are making this space TOGETHER -- a space that is inclusive, and empowering, and deeply generous. I'm so glad you're here.

If you're here to join our community but you didn't mean to end up on the paid membership page -- THAT'S OKAY!! There are LOTS of different ways to contribute to and support our community, and we're grateful for them all! Here's the link where you can sign up for free: https://empowermentphotographer.com/community

We love you!!!!!

Join us! Pick a plan that suits your budget below:

If you believe in deep, inclusive community that will change the lives of the humans who participate in it;
If you believe in body liberation and fat positivity;
If you believe in fucking up the status quo and smashing the patriarchy and taking down white supremacy and capitalism with it;
If you believe in supporting artists and trail-blazers and magic-makers and trouble-starters; 

And if you want to hang out with other people who believe in these things too...

I invite you in. Come join us. Let's lead this revolution together.

Thank you for supporting this community-driven mission. Thank you thank you thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Now let's burn it all down in love.