We're creating a place for the Empowerment Studio to hang out online and IRL.

Our central hub for everything we do in the Empowerment Studio. Compliments, togetherness, magic! ✨

What is this space about?

Welcome to the official Empowerment Studio community, a gender-inclusive space where really awesome people get to hang out and practice flourishing in various parts of their lives. 

In addition to our vibrant community space, our membership gets you access to a whole bunch of community events -- including Togetherness Time, an in-person event each month in Kansas City, MO where we gather to indulge in community conversation, ritual, and whatever else we get up to 🕺🏽

We're so excited to welcome the most amazing, kind humans into the Empowerment Studio with us. We are making this space TOGETHER -- a space that is inclusive, and empowering, and deeply generous. I'm so glad you're here.

I welcome in for you, from your time in the Empowerment Studio: ✨

We’re aiming to make your experience here awesome. We want you to get five key things from Empowerment Studio:

  • meet humans who are deeply kind, and build community with them
  • give yourself permission to wear what you want to wear, and to be who you want to be
  • find a little inspiration, indulge in thought-provoking conversations, and connect beyond your own perspective each and every day
  • be abundant in so many ways -- make that connection, do that dream thing, be surrounded by magnetic humans who lift you up as you lift them up (a rising tide lifts all Empowerment Studio members, isn't that how the expression goes??)
  • figure out what you need, and begin asking for it, and then start having more and more of your needs AND WANTS met, and realize that after some time here, your life is bigger and more expansive and more full of possibility than you ever dreamed it could be

When you become a member of this community, you get access to all of our groups, events, and community spaces. And all those additional layers of community and connection is where the magic happens. The Empowerment Studio is a cozy, intimate space where you can connect with amazing humans -- to co-create a really generous and kind world. 

Financial support and sustainability:

The Empowerment Studio community is available to all humans who really want to be here. We make it possible for you to support the work we do here financially, starting at $1/month. Financially supporting our Empowerment Studio membership space means you help bring to life all sorts of new opportunities in the Empowerment Studio, like our community groups, events, and more.

Contributing monthly with your dollars is one super-generous way to support the work we do here, but we're also anti-capitalist AF and we want to have you here no matter your budget. Investing with your time and energy is also dreamy and magical of you! 

To access to this community at a rate other than those listed on this page, fill out the form here, and we'll get you hooked up with the exact monthly rate (from $0+/month) that is aligned with your budget.

If you DO choose to contribute on a monthly basis to the Empowerment Studio to help keep things running, we are so grateful. The need for sustainability is real, and you're helping make that happen! 

Whatever the reason, we hope you'll see the value in being a contributing member of our community, and really, super hope you'll join us.

How's this membership-contributed money used? 

Your support makes it possible to:
  • Host incredible Empowerment Studio events for low- or no-cost to community members, 
  • Run this platform where we can connect in a space that is ours, 
  • Support the studio where we photograph Empowerment Boudoir Sessions and host community events, 
  • Pay the Empowerment Team for the work we do to make it all run.

So who's behind the Empowerment Studio?

Hi, I’m Kinzie!

I’m the founder of the Empowerment Studio, which started as a facebook group back in 2015.

I also own the Empowerment Photographer, a boudoir photography studio in Kansas City, MO, where I guide my clients to see their bodies in revolutionary and deeply kind ways.  

I cannot do this alone, though. It also takes an amazing team to help make this company run. We've got a small but mighty Empowerment Team (Libby! David! Donnie! El who is beautiful and, alas, not pictured here!) that I adore with my whole heart: 

AND, we've also got a whole host of Empowermentors who help this community space flourish: Kieryn, Faith, Donnie, Audra, Dream, Rachael! They host events, lead discussions in our community, and help make sure the space is cozy for us all.

Are you in?

If you believe in deep, inclusive community that will change the lives of the humans who participate in it;
If you believe in body liberation and fat positivity;
If you believe in fucking up the status quo and smashing the patriarchy and taking down white supremacy and capitalism with it;
If you believe in supporting artists and trail-blazers and magic-makers and trouble-starters; 

And if you want to hang out with other people who believe in these things too...

I invite you in. Come join us. Let's lead this revolution together.

Thank you for supporting this community-driven mission. Thank you thank you thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Now let's burn it all down in love. 

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